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"If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we will continue to get what we’ve always gotten."
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Who we are

We are a discrete client-focused provider of exceptionally high-level business mentoring services dedicated to improving business competitiveness, growth and performance in a wide range of areas and disciplines.

What we do

We are Agents of Change and Improvement based upon the concept of QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

We can provide your organisation with confidential, customised, innovative, pioneering, leading-edge solutions to eliminating shortcomings in your organisational systems and behaviours.

We can help your organisation attain compliance with statutory, industry and contractual requirements.

Where we have come from

ENTERPRISE EXCELLENCE © has evolved from more than fifty years' practical management service to large, complex, national and multi-national, public and private sector organisations in a wide range of industries.

Our Vision - Where we are going

We will go with you to wherever you want to go - or we can take you there.

Our Track Record

During the past fifty years, Mr. Dennis Grimwood FAOQ, Principal of ENTERPRISE EXCELLENCE ©, has assisted a wide range of national, multi-national, public sector and community organisations to improve systems, products, policies, practices, processes, procedures, productivity, performance and profit.

He has also served at executive level in a number of professional and community organisations and is able to offer first-hand experience in dealing with a wide range of viewpoints in decision making.

He has assisted many organisations achieve recognition for outstanding products and performance, including:

How Can We Help?

Tell us about your organisation's problems and how you think we can help you to solve them.

We guarantee a service that is relevant, unobtrusive, non-threatening, confidential and participative.

Help us to help you. You have tried the rest - now try the best!!

If you would like to know how these success enabling concepts described in this summary can be introduced into your organisation, contact me by phone, fax or email.

Call me - Dennis Grimwood, on the above number - email  contact.

Published Papers

We have published a number of articles and papers about how to attain excellence in your enterprise, including:

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