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The links listed below are extra special to vacuum tube (valve) enthusiasts.

I believe they provide an important contribution to vacuum tube technology that is worth preserving.

They are very useful for their comprehensive, special, complete, rare or uniqueinformation, explanation of tube design, application and use.

Have a look at them yourself and make up your own mind.

If you are aware of any other important contributions to thermionic tube theory, application or use, email me details and I will include them in this page if suitable.

Please note that if the link you select does not work it is because its owner has changed or deleted the site.

Dennis Grimwood

Electricity, Electrons, Protons and Related Topics

Thermionic Tube Theory 1

Thermionic Tube Theory 2

Thermionic Tube Theory 3

How Valves Work

Vacuum Tube FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Tubes Work, Technical Bulletins, Tube Dictionary

RCA Tube Ratings, Definitions and Quality Controls

Classes of Operation 1

Classes of Operation 2

Tube Numbering Systems 1

Tube Numbering Systems 2

Tube Design

Tube History

Tubes v Transistors

Tubes v Transistors (Lynn Olson)

Vacuum Tube Evolution (IEEE Paper)

RCA RC10 Receiving Tubes Manual

RCA HB3 Manual

Sylvania 1959 Manual

Sylvania 1943 and 1949 Manuals

Blue Glow

Black Coating in Tubes

Receiving Tube Manufacture

Understanding Basic Circuits

Designing Amplifiers 1

Designing Amplifiers 2

Designing Amplifiers 3

Do It Yourself Amplifiers

Mismatch in Push-pull Output Stages

The Circlotron Amplifier

Power Supply Design

Care of Power Tubes

Rejuvenation of Vacuum Tubes 1

Rejuvenation of Vacuum Tubes 2

Operating Hazards - Power Tubes

Audio Tube Interchangeability

Tube Matching

Output Transformerless Amplifier Technologies 1

Output Transformerless Amplifier Technologies 2

Impedance Matching

"Natural Sound" Amplification

Guitar Amplifiers and "Sound"

"Sound" Charactistics of Tubes (see "Test Reports" links)

"Sound" Charactistics of Tubes (Lynn Olsen)

National Valve Museum - UK

Museum of Radios and Tubes - Japan

Radio Museum - Switzerland (lots of vintage Euro radio circuits and data)

Old Tube's Gallery - Japan (double click on blue type number for pic)

World Tube Audio Portal - a global directory to everything tube

Vintage Hi-Fi Amplifiers and Speakers - a really special site

DIY Hi-end Audio - Passionate about Hi End Audio and DIY systems

The Technophool page (Tom Bavis) - everything you wanted to know about everything tube - another special site

Tube Base Specifications

A Scientific Guide for Audiophiliacs

AMPLIMO Transformers - Designs for Ultimate Hi-Fi

Hammond Transformers

Lundhal Transformers

Electra-Print Transformers


Directory of Australian Valve Suppliers

Vacuum Tubes and Castles

Audio Web

electron's Home Page

Photograph of 828 Tube courtesy Radiotronics Magazine 1939

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