Recommended Suppliers:
Tubes and Components


On this page I list suppliers of vacuum tubes, electronic components and equipment, whom I believe are worthy of special commendation.

In my personal dealings with each of these suppliers, I have found them to be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Each one of them has demonstrated integrity in responding to my trust - particularly in international transactions.

I commend them to you as men of integrity and high ethical principles.

I believe they deserve to be recognised both for their contribution in preserving the traditions and technology of vacuum tubes and their ethics in business dealings.

Test them yourself and make up your own mind.

Dennis Grimwood

Tubeworld Inc. (Vacuum Tubes)

HiTriode (Vacuum Tubes)

6K8's Wonder World

Bill French (Large Electrolytic Capacitors)

Direct Components (Vacuum Tubes, Components)

Ray Nowak (Vacuum Tubes)
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Vacuum Tubes Inc. (Tubes, Sockets and Other Parts)

ESRC Corp. - Stanley Winston (Tubes, Plate Caps and Sockets)
ESRC Website

HdB Electronics - (High Wattage Power Resistors) - HdB Electronics is distributor of electronic components, supplies and tools - carries 24,000 different items in stock.
HdB Website

Jean Albert (Vacuum Tubes)

Book: Illustrated History of Philips Radio Valves to 1935

DVD AND CD Burning Software  - www.cheetahburner.com

Great software package for burning digital audio and video. Simple to use and reliable.


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